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I am a mosaic mixed media assemblage artist living and working in Laughlin, Nevada .  I was born in 1984.  My BFA was received at California State Polytechnic University in Pomona. My concept involves manipulating the traditional purpose, conceptions, and common subject matter depicted in the ancient medium of the mosaic art form.  Historically, stained glass mosaics have depicted imagery of sacred religious narratives traditionally created for the church to educate the illiterate public about religion.  I am attempting to reinvent this idea by creating my own narratives using my personal sacred imagery to educate the public regarding my unique perceptions on reality.  Each piece of glass represents and reflects different facets and nuances of my moods and concepts that are constantly being altered and rearranged, separate pieces creating a whole.  We are born whole then life splinters us into pieces.  I am attempting to put myself back together utilizing both figurative as well as abstract imagery.  I often incorporate found objects that possess special meaning to me into each piece as well.  I am constantly experimenting with layering mosaic glass creating depth and more complexity in an effort to elevate glass work as a more credible fine art form.


JANUARY 10, 2025

14” x 32”
Medium:  Stained glass, grout, pearlized nautilus shell, and mop shell inlay on wood.
Price:  $900



JANUARY 25, 2025

16” x 20”
Medium:  Stained glass, grout, and found objects on glass.
Price:  $350


JANUARY 30, 2025

26” x 38”
Medium:  Stained glass, grout, nautilus shell, and found objects on glass.
Price:  $800



JANUARY 25, 2025

39” x 27”
Medium:  Stained glass, grout, nautilus shell, found objects on glass, Brazilian agate, nautilus spiral cutout, copper, leather, and compass on glass.
Price:  $850

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